2010 August
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Archive for August, 2010

Green Energy | Green Power Island – Gottlieb Paludan Architects

     green energy
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Wind Energy | Moslems Considered “gravity Down Videos”as “space Vision”-treid To …

UFO Mysteries Revisited Unexplained sightings investigated Will Wind Energy Cut Nation’s Fuel Emissions? Exposing ‘myths’ of green power …
     wind energy
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Green Energy | Framingham-based Staples Honored For Using Green Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Framingham-based Staples, Inc., as one of the top 50 organizations in the U.S. taking voluntary steps to use and buy “green” power.This is the sixth consecutive year the EPA has recognized Staples, which buys more than 146 million kilowatt-hours of energy from renewable sources. That’s enough to meet more than 20 percent of the company’s purchased    .. more …

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Solar Power | President Weighs In On Economic Gains From Battery Storage Of Solar Power

Published Aug. 30, 2010 The use of batteries to store solar-generated electricity was pioneered by off-grid solar owners, but soon may be moving out of the woods and into the cities.A partnership between the homebuilder KB Home and the China-based company BYD , which makes batteries, solar equipment and plug-in vehicles, heralds a future in which homeowners seamlessly incorporate solar power into    .. more …

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Sustainable Energy | 16 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY NEWS New Zealand Supporting Solar Power In Tonga

     sustainable energy

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Alternative Energy | Video: Reinventing The Wheel – And Then Some

By Cheryl AllisonIn the quest for alternative energy, there’s a source many may have overlooked.Not Narberth resident Bill McHugh, though. He’s been exploring it ever since he built and moved into his Sabine Avenue home 46 years ago.You could call it “squirrel power.”An Overbrook native, McHugh, who describes himself as “pushing 80,” says he and his late wife, Kitty, were attracted to the    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | The ARKAAH

Tesla Living Energy New World EcoVillages SuperFoods Alternative Energy Orgone Vortex Science BioGeometry New Temple Science … these a just …
     alternative energy
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Wind Energy | Wind Energy Supporters Get Together

Other CWE committee members include Bruce Bauer, Blaine Buchholz, Randy Elenbaum, Keith Iseler, Scott Krohn, Ted Leipprandt, Gil Tinsey and Tom Ziel.According to information the group presented Thursday, the leadership team is working to have neighbors and the county say yes to wind energy.Saying yes to wind is also saying yes to jobs in manufacturing, construction, technical areas, maintenance;    .. more …

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Green Energy | Renewable Energy News: Renewable Energy-powered Pole Lights Up …

Green Wave Energy’s World Light Pole makes the renewable energy news headlines because of its proprietary technology aspects which include wind and solar power accessibility. The accessibility to the two types of renewable energy enables the delivery of steady light and power to remote regions including deserts, rocky coastlines, mountains, disaster-stricken areas where grids have been depleted,    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | Atlantic City Is Giving Green Energy A Place To Grow On Duck Island

ATLANTIC CITY – City officials have a lot of plans to turnAtlantic City into a leader in green technology. And now, they havea base to focus their initiatives.Municipal officials have selected a stretch of land, known tomany as Duck Island, to be the city’s first Alternative EnergyDistrict, with plans to possibly construct electricity-generatingfacilities using renewable forms of energy such as    .. more …

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