2012 April
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Archive for April, 2012

Geothermal Energy | Vermont Senator To Discuss Geothermal Energy

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) ” Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says geothermal energy is helping heat more Vermont homes, businesses and schools.On Monday Sanders , an independent, outlined some of the successes of geothermal heating projects in Vermont.He says investments in geothermal energy will reduce the $350 billion a year that Americans spend to import oil from foreign countries. Geothermal    .. more …

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Sustainable Energy | Advanced Technologies In Relation To The Renewable Energy

Advanced technologies in relation to the renewable energy Someday, technological innovations will be available to anyone. These technologies will aid in reducing biological hazards and environmental dangers. Someday, those technologies may even be found unthinkable as creations but they will be successfully utilized.This is true in connection to the renewable energy technologies.Today,    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Geothermal Heat Pump Review

Geothermal Heat Pumps can also be found under the names of; Geoexchange, Earthcoupled, or Water Source Heat Pumps.
How does a Geothermal Heat Pump get the heat from the ground?
The heat pump utilizes a loop of refrigerant sucked through a vapor compressed refrigeration cycle moving heat either in or out. The source of heat is actually much more stable and continuing then air based heat which    .. more …

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Geothermal Energy | Germany’s Bid For Solar Excellence Scuppered By Upstart …

The law was revised in 2000 and now called the Renewable Energy Sources Act to include energy supplied by geothermal derivations such as geysers, natural steam, geopressurized reservoirs, etc. Perhaps not something the average person has access to, but certainly of interest on a corporate level. Ironically, most geothermal energy is not very “renewable” as it is mined faster that it can    .. more …

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