2012 December
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Archive for December, 2012

Sustainable Energy | Does Egypt Support Financial Aid For Other Countries As Well As Sustainable Energy?

sustainable energy

I’m attending my first Model U.N. conference in a few weeks and I’m unsure of how to research my country’s position on a topic. I was put into the UNDP (U.N. Development Program) and our two topics are financial aid to developing countries and sustainable energy. If someone could provide some information on Egypt’s position on these two issues, or better yet, with links to some detailed websites,    .. more …

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Biomass | The Difference Between Household Fuel And Traditional Fuel


Using a source of energy for lighting and cooking is very essential to human life and part of what first defined the human race as separate from animals during pre-historic times. Even today, many people are dependent on traditional biomass fuels for cooking and on certain inefficient and costly sources of light such as candles and kerosene. The greatest advantage that bio energy fuel has is that    .. more …

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Electric Car | Should I Buy An Electric Car Or Put Solar Panels On My House?

electric car

Suppose you are trying to reduce carbon emissions for your family and you have $40,000 to spend. Which cuts emissions more buying an electric car of putting solar panels on your house. I live in Massachusetts and have a southern facing roof.Thanks!The production of solar panels is extremely damaging for the environment, the amount of fossil fuels saved on the long term arent enough to justify    .. more …

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Photovoltaic | Solar Panels For Your Home Which Panels To Buy


There are basically two types of solar energy for residential use and each has advantages and disadvantages. There are solar panels which heat water which can be used in the house or for a swimming pool. Then there are solar panels with photovoltaic cells which can generate electricity. The cheaper option is solar heating panels which just heat water. They cannot be used for central heating or    .. more …

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Geothermal Energy | Ram Power Announces Grid Synchronization For Its Phase II Expansion At San Jacinto-Tizate

geothermal energy

RENO, NV–(Marketwire – Dec 19, 2012) – Ram Power, Corp. ( TSX : RPG ) (“Ram Power” or the “Company”), a renewable energy company focused on the development, production and sale of electricity from geothermal energy, is pleased to announce that the Phase II expansion at San Jacinto-Tizate has been successfully synchronized to the Nicaraguan national integrated electrical grid.The Company expects    .. more …

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Green Energy | Living The Green Energy Home Dream From Solar Power Information

green energy

There are several ways to implement your green energy home plan. The first is solar energy. In a green energy home you can install solar hot water panels which heat and store water for use and you can install solar panels, which use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. These systems can be pricing if purchasing them and having them installed by a professional, but there are    .. more …

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Solar Power | Can Solar Power Items Work With A Lightbulb Rather Than The Sun?

Solar power

I know solar power needs sunlight to work but can you use lightbulb light?Yes – but you have to have power to make the lightbulbs work, so you actually lose energy. If, however, you’re perhaps hoping to use a solar-powered calculator for a final exam, take it into the room before hand to be sure that there’s enough light to make it work.Yes…that’s it!Yes, solar calculators work indoorsEven if    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | What Is Alternative Energy And What Are Some Examples?

alternative energy

I need a few examples of alternative energy and what it is.Alternative energy is a term that refers to methods of generating energy that are not the usual method (i.e. fossil fuels). There are many forms of alternative energy, but, as energy is conserved, you have to ask yourself where the energy comes from (and the answer is always “the sun”). You should always be careful when you look at energy    .. more …

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What Is Energy | What Kind Of Energy Does The Roller Coaster Carts Have At The Bottom Of The Loops?

what is energy

I know is kinetic energy, but what kinetic energy is; the types of kinetic energy are thermal energy, sound energy and electrical energy.Please dont say emotional energy because my teacher dont teach me yet about emotional energy, I only know about thermal, sound and eletrical energy. THXTypes of kinetic energy: heat, light, motion, and soundMotion.98% some small portion is in the form of heat    .. more …

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Heat Pump | New Findings Suggest That Changes To Home Construction Design Could Result In 80% Energy Savings

Heat Pump

Russell Richman, a professor in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, is the co-principal investigator of an on-going research project that explores the practicality of Nested Thermal Envelope Design, a home construction design that employs zonal heating. Space heating is the largest single contributor to residential energy use in Canada at 60% of the total. Minimizing    .. more …

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