2013 January
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Archive for January, 2013

Green Energy | Green Energy Goes To Waste In Distribution Bottleneck In China

green energy

“The greatest headache for wind power developers is that a large part of the power capacity cannot be absorbed by the grid and is wasted,” said Si Jun, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region wind power project manager of China Datang Corporation (Datang). Inner Mongolia’s wind power turbines have a capacity of 7.05 gigawatts. Wind power units under construction will have a capacity of 3.25    .. more …

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Solar Power | Residential Solar Power – Wonderful Information About This …

Solar power

Most homes can handle residential solar power systems since they’re constructed to work with most traditional roofs. As long as your roof as about 120 square feet, you can get a modest residential solar power system with larger ones requiring extra square footage. The only condition is sunlight for the solar panels to harness the utmost quantity of energy possible to be converted into electrical    .. more …

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Heat Pump | How Should A Heat Pump Behave? When Does It Activate, When Does It Shut Off, What Should I See And Hear?

Heat Pump

What makes a heat pump more efficient than an electric or gas furnace, how should it be maintained, how do I know when it is not working and how can I complain about poor service?Heat pumps – when set to come on — are supposed to keep your house warm without the furnace having to kick on all the time.Heres the deal:1. Furnace comes on and heats the house2. doors open/close — heat lost3. Heat    .. more …

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Wind Energy | Wind Energy Update: Maximised Generation Of Post Warranty Wind Assets At An Acceptable Cost

Wind energy

As the wind industry in Europe has grown, so has the number of companies looking to capitalise on the aftercare market, especially as the number of new onshore wind turbine developments has slowed. While wind turbine manufacturers (OEMs) remain the dominant players in this field, independent service providers (ISPs) and other third party specialist have started to take a share of this business as    .. more …

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Geothermal Energy | Geothermal Energy Takes A Technological Step Forward

geothermal energy

AltaRock Energy, Inc., of Seattle, says the data is still being analyzed, but they are confident they have created three geothermal reservoirs from a single well where none existed before. The breakthrough solves two problems holding back the next level of geothermal development, known as Enhanced Geothermal Systems, or EGS: creating reservoirs big enough for commercial production in places they    .. more …

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Electric Car | Auto Careers Beyond Mechanic

electric car

Truck transport specialist Canada is still dependent on the trucking industry for the transport of most of its goods. This is one of those automotive careers that are likely to remain in high demand, just so long as our economy remains dependent on truck transport – a state of affairs that is not expected to change any time soon.Fleet manager at a car share serviceMany Canadian urbanites are    .. more …

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Photovoltaic | Why Can A Current Be Produced By A Photovoltaic Cell ?


The photovoltaic cell was not only moved within the visible spectrum but also in the dark region just beyond the visible spectrum’s red end. The photovoltaic cell porduced a current even in this dark region.Explain why a current could be produced by the photovoltaic cell while it was in the dark region next to red light.The sensation of color in human eyes is produced by the light in what we call    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Can You Replace A Daikan Heat Pump Condensing Outdoor Unit With A Furnace And AC Unit?

Heat Pump

We have a 2 story rental house with a furnace upstairs but the basement is heated with a Daikan heat pump condensing outdoor unit that feeds 4 interior basement units. The repair company can’t find a replacement compressor, so to get it fixed it would cost $12,000. We’re trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to install a furnace/AC in the basement instead. Any ideas?Hello RalBoo: Yes, you    .. more …

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Biomass | How Do You Calculate Seabird Biomass For A Particular Region?


I’m doing an assignment where we have to calculate biomass of each species of seabird per province (there are 3 provinces, each are 3Km squared); and the total biomass of all the species per province.How do I calculate that?Is it something to do with multiplying the average weight of each species by how many birds u saw, by something to do with the area?Biomass of each species of sea bird. you    .. more …

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What Is Energy | Increase Your Energy

what is energy

All these take energy from your body and mind. As a result of this drop in energy, your motivation, enthusiasm and enjoyment of life can suffer.This drop in energy also leads to poor health as the function of your body declines. You have more aches and pains, more flu’s and colds, and many other symptoms starting to occur.As you age this can accelerate even faster.All this just from your energy    .. more …

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