2013 February
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Archive for February, 2013

Photovoltaic | How Can A Photovoltaic Solar Cell Work In A Circuit?


I want to know how I can use a photovoltaic solar cell in an electronic circuit.As a resistor whos value is varied by light intensity.Powered by Yahoo Answers    .. more …

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Sustainable Energy | In Your Opinion,what Issues Must Be Considered If A Country Is To Develop A Sustainable Energy Policy?IMPORTAN?

sustainable energy

In your opinion,what issues must be considered if a country is to develop a sustainable energy policy?So Slobovia is considering ways to use only energy that doesn’t just go away in the future? Good for Slobovia. They should consider:Where do we get energy now?Can it run out in 10 or 50 years? Are we scared? If yes, then:What sustainable sources are available? Wind? How much wind do we get, and    .. more …

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Renewable Energy | New Cells Producing Renewable Energy

renewable energy

Nevertheless, this panorama can change in the near future. A group of investigators of the Ohio State University in short, accidentally, found a new material that could be used to construct solar cells able to realize a conversion of light to electricity with a yield very near 100%. The material is a complex compound, that contains plastics, molybdenum and titanium. Whereas the present solar cells    .. more …

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Wind Energy | What Are The Basic Element In Wind Energy Conversion Device?

Wind energy

I have to build a wind energy conversion device for my design subject. However, I can’t use toothed gears, gearboxes, energy storage systems (e.g. flywheels, batteries, pressurised fluids, etc), rollingelement bearings and existing (pre-made) fan impellers.So I need rough ideas on what are the things that can replace those items which can make the device moving.Your basic design goal is to “Build    .. more …

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Electric Car | Goodbye, Prius? Japanese Carmakers Drop Battery Electric-car Development

electric car

Japan is backtracking on battery electric-car development, as even Nissan ‘s vice chairman, the so-called “father of the Prius,” announced plans to copy Toyota and pursue fuel-cell cars that convert hydrogen to electricity.”Because of its shortcomings – driving range, cost and recharging time – the electric vehicle is not a viable replacement for most conventional cars,” said Toyota ‘s vice    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Heat Pumps Review ” Your Complete Guide For A Perfect Heat …

Heat Pump

The chief problem is you are likely misled about what heat pumps to purchase. You are going through the same quandary as others. Just imagine how frustrating it is to get a heating system only to find out in just a week that the unit broke down after you started utilizing it – in the middle of the cold winter season. The good news is that you can eliminate this dilemma by initially looking for    .. more …

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Green Energy | Green Energy Solution Industries, Inc., Announces: International Environmental Technologies, Inc., To Supply …

green energy

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Green Energy Solution Industries, Inc. ( GESI ), project developer for a Waste-to-Energy project, in Alberta, Canada, in response to investor inquiries, announces that the Technology Provider for the Alberta, Canada Gasification Project will be International Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET), a Kentucky Corporation. IET has developed and patented    .. more …

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Geothermal Energy | What Does Chemistry Have To Do With Geothermal Energy?

geothermal energy

Also i know man made geothermal energy can make earhthquakes, but what about just normal geothermal energy?Geothermal energy has very little to do with chemistry. The heat produced in the Earth’s interior is due to the decay of radioactive substances in the Earth’s interior, mainly uranium and thorium.People who live near geothermal plants report dreadful odors, polluted waters, and poisoned soil    .. more …

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