2013 March
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Archive for March, 2013

Electric Car | How Large Of A Panel Or Panels Would I Need To Charge An Electric Car Battery?

electric car

I would like to have a designated solar panel electric system to charge an electric car. Can it be designed as a Portable system to take with me if and when I move to a new house? Or can one be designed as a portable system to take in the car and used to charge the car when needed?First we need to examine the required parameters. “An electric car battery” is not a standard item. The Volt and    .. more …

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Sustainable Energy | What Has Bangladesh Done To Establish Sustainable Energy In It’s Nation?

sustainable energy

-What projects, project proposals, development plans and in progress plans has Bangladesh had over the years to shift to sustainable energy? Any open declarations by leaders promising energy sustainability would also be appreciated.I agree that moving toward sustainable energy is very important for Bangladesh and am excited to see the progress in the solar energy that a previous poster mentioned.    .. more …

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Biomass | How Much Electricity Can Be Generated From Biomass?


I know that biomass is when you burn wood pellets with garbage to generate heat/electricity, but how much electricity can be generated from that?I know there are many biomass energy plants in the 100    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | Bio Liquid Fuels Are Shell’s Favored Alternative Energy Source For …

alternative energy

Its core business of the provision of logistics, branding, trading, and fuels, are where biofuels fit in, as Shell expounds. Cook also said: “It now seems as if biofuels are one alternative closest to what we offer in Shell. Solar and Wind power are fine, however, everyone will continue to investigate other prospects in which to add to their investment portfolios, even though there are other    .. more …

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