2013 November
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Archive for November, 2013

Heat Pump | Installed Capacity Of Geothermal Heat Pumps Will Grow By Nearly 150 Percent By 2020, Forecasts Navigant Research

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems, which harness moderate and constant temperatures just below the Earth’s surface, are being deployed in nearly every region of the world and in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial environments with great success. Despite recent setbacks in deployments in many parts of the world due to the economic downturn, the    .. more …

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Biomass | How To Use Biomass To Measure Rate Of Photosynthesis?

I understand how to find biomass of a plant. However i am not sure how to use that biomass to find the rate of photosynthesis. Is there an equation or something that does this?HEY, I guess that you    .. more …

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Photovoltaic | Hanwha SolarOne To Supply Modules For 42.5 MW Ontario Solar Photovoltaic Farm

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hanwha SolarOne Co. Ltd. (the “Company”, or “Hanwha SolarOne”), a top-10 global photovoltaic manufacturer of high-quality, cost-competitive solar modules, today announced it will supply more than 170,000 high efficiency HSC 60 Poly Can-Am modules to the 42.5 MW Ontario Solar Photovoltaic Farm. Hanwha Solar Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanwha SolarOne, will    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | What Type Of Engineering Program Deals With Alternative Energy?

i need to pick a program for college, and i want to do engineering. there isn’t a college that i can find that deals with alternative energy as a major, so i was wondering what major would be in a similar area. right now i’m thinking manufacturing engineering, but i dont know.1. Lawrence technological University has an alternative energy engineering program. 2. The University of California,    .. more …

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Wind Energy | Are There Any Government Polices Concerning Wind Energy?

I’m writing an essay for my college English class about wind energy and I’m required to include information about a government policy concerning wind, but I cannot seem to find anything. Any websites or helpful information would be greatly appreciated.You can have a look and pick up some of the following points.As the Obama administration creates the first U.S. program to authorize offshore    .. more …

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Geothermal Energy | How Does Iceland Geothermal Energy Compare To Other Energy Plants Around The World?

I’m doing a project and I need to know how Iceland geothermal energy plants compares to other geothermal power plants around the world.Thanks (:Old technology hot springs are used to obtain geothermal energy, and ICELAND is welll know for its use of pre-existing hot springs and some have run dry in a relatively short period of time however, Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) is a new type of    .. more …

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Wind Energy | Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Extends Rights To Develop Energy Downdraft Towers In Rajasthan, India

wind energy

ANNAPOLIS, MD–(Marketwired – Nov 12, 2013) – Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCQB: SWET) , (the “Company”) , the inventor of a large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, announced today that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Monsoon Global Group, LLC, which grants Monsoon Global a “Exclusivity Period” for rights to    .. more …

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Photovoltaic | Does Size Of A Photovoltaic Cell Affect Its Function?


Also searching to find if a photovoltaic detector is a linear device. Same questions apply for photoconductive cells/detectors?Yes. More cell area exposed to the light = more current.No. A photovoltaic cell is very non-linear.Powered by Yahoo Answers    .. more …

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Alternative Energy | New Consumer Survey Findings Released By Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative

alternative energy

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– More consumers say they are willing to pay extra to invest in and support alternative energy than to improve reliability, according to the latest “wave” of an annual Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) telephone survey of 1,001 U.S. residential electricity consumers nationwide. Findings also revealed that consumers favor critical peak rebate pricing programs over    .. more …

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Solar Power | What Are The Advantages And Disadvantagesof Using Solar Power?

solar power

Mainly what are the plus/minuses of SOLAR THERMAL DISHES but any information you have on SOLAR POWER would be a great help!Thanks, 10 points best answer!Oh, and by the way!I kinda mean using solar power for companies like as a alternative to using coal, not just for your own use at home by setting up your own private solar powered devices!Thanks!* Advantages- Solar energy is a renewable resource.    .. more …

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