Alternative Energy | Bio Liquid Fuels Are Shell’s Favored Alternative Energy Source For …
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Alternative Energy | Bio Liquid Fuels Are Shell’s Favored Alternative Energy Source For …

Its core business of the provision of logistics, branding, trading, and fuels, are where biofuels fit in, as Shell expounds.
Cook also said: “It now seems as if biofuels are one alternative closest to what we offer in Shell. Solar and Wind power are fine, however, everyone will continue to investigate other prospects in which to add to their investment portfolios, even though there are other markets with big packages. The increasing of its dividend payments this year to $10bn, or about 5%, was also confirmed by the company. Friends of the Earth condemned Shell for halting support in alternatives like wind for biofuels.
“Shell is supporting the wrong party in terms of renewable energy biofuels that lead to more emissions than the gas and diesel they displace,” the campaign group clarified. “Shell isn’t being as dishonest about being in the fossil fuel industry”. It witnessed the restrictions of the green wash it was emitting some years ago.”. Shell has about 550 MW of wind farm capacity around the planet, enough to power a town the size of Sheffield when the wind blows. Last annum, it quit the 1000MW London array project, which was to supposed to be the cooperative effort to construct the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary. Former project partner E.ON has yet to choose to resume with the 3bn investment required.
Outgoing Head honcho Jeroen wagon der Curve admitted the company had endured some “technology baths” during the past when it backed unprofitable technologies. The Firm has foretold that by 2025, eighty percent of energy will come from normal fuels and twenty p.c. from

alternative power sources like the RV solar panel. Yet it is spending just over 1 percent of its budget on alternative technologies.
Over the past five years, only 1.7 billion dollars of the 150 billion it invested has been allotted towards alternative sources of energy such as the RV solar panel. There was a minimum of only 1% of the budget invested by the company at one time, as Cook indicated, on natural gas in a liquefied state, that has now become a large portion of its business.
The company claimed it would raise debt levels to maintain dividend payments and its spending programme. Wagon der Curve maintained that energy demand in the long run was robust and oil costs would recover.

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