Alternative Energy | What Is One Alternative Energy Technology That You Would Like To See Become More Widespread?
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Alternative Energy | What Is One Alternative Energy Technology That You Would Like To See Become More Widespread?

I know we have a lot of alternative energy skeptics in here, but the reality is that point-source energy production using a wide array of energy technologies will be the way of the future. Large scale wind and solar operations are technological nightmares and cost-wise gigantic monstrosities, but wide-spread adoption of small scale usage by individual homeowners has gigantic potential. Also, methane re-uptake technologies for commercial farming operations and water treatment facilities are also likely to become significant contributors to our future energy basket. What is one alternative energy technology that you would take a serious interest in if it were more cost effective. Also, if you invested in some kind of

alternative energy technology, how long of a payback period (recouping of costs through savings on utility bills) do you consider to be reasonable? For the sake of this question let’s assume the unit you purchase will have a 30 year useful lifespan and your total return on investment would be 30/x, where x is your payback period, suggesting an average payback period of six years would imply a 500% total return on investment.

Solar has become more efficient. I would like to see conducting and storage technologies improved.Those 2 elements are the true key to unlocking the alternative energy potentials.

The government gave me a tax credit to put a windmill on my car.

Antimatter, It has a 1: 1 000 000 Return on Investment. Its just that we need to be in Space near the Sun as solar flares produce it and invest at least $2 trillion dollars on it and invent a way to carry and use antimatter in our power plants.

I don’t see one yet that I think is good enough to replace oil.

Making ethanol from sugar cane would be the closest. At least we could get the cane from people who don’t hate us.

Those plane cars with the folding wing only running on cold fusion.

Wind and Solar

Nuclear fusion

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