Solar Power | The Homemade Solar Power Kit
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Solar Power | The Homemade Solar Power Kit

You can install a homemade solar power generator, which is made of solar panels that contain solar cells to take advantage of the energy from the sun. The solar cells create electrons to move in the silicon crystal which then converts the power from sunlight into usable electricity. You will also need a battery to store electricity from the solar energy. There are simple “Homemade Solar Power” guidelines that you should follow as listed below.1- Get a small solar panel, such as a 25W or 40W.2- Get a battery box and a deep-cycle 12-volt sealed gel-battery. Make sure that is it rechargeable.

3- Get a DC meter at 12-volts. You will also need a DC input to power appliances that need direct current.
Most appliances, however, run off of AC or alternating current so you will need an inverter.

4- Using insulated wires, plug in your DC meter to the wing nut terminals on the rechargeable battery. Attach the
negative (-) pole before attaching the positive (+) pole. Only handle one wire at a time and never let the
positive and negative wires touch!

5- Using the same method, connect the DC input and the solar panel to the battery.

6- Place the solar panel in direct sunlight. Once the battery is fully charged, your solar power system will be
able to provide electricity to many of your household appliances.You can install your homemade solar power generator almost effortlessly if you put your mind to it. It can also be a fun bonding experience that you and your family can enjoy as well. If you are still hesitant about making one, you can find numerous online forums that provide help from others who have built a system themselves.

Another pro about solar power generators is that they are very durable and easy to maintain. All they need is a regular dusting to keep them running efficiently. This one time investment will be so rewarding to you and your family.

A homemade solar power generator is also very useful for unexpected power outages. If you live outside the power grid, you can also take full advantage of this system. It’s a great companion in traveling and can be used in cabins, tents or even boats.There are more advantages to using a homemade solar power generator than I can list right now. You can really not go wrong with solar panels. Not only are you saving a ton of money on your electricity bill but you are helping to save the environment as well.

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By: Seb Tennyson

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