Solar Power | Why You Soon Will Not Be Able To Live Without The Benefits Of …
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Solar Power | Why You Soon Will Not Be Able To Live Without The Benefits Of …

Everybody is well aware of the high dollar government bailout but to help pay back some of that debt, Obama’s new 2010 budget included a very costly cap-and-trade energy tax on oil, natural gas, and coal. The White House has even speculated that this could amount to much more than $2 Trillion dollars over the next eight years. And don’t think this is a short term problem because this energy tax will carry on until the year 2050.

If you would like to know what this boils down to, bear in mind that the price of home energy averages at around $112.32 per month today. Once this new energy tax is in full effect, the predicted costs are expected to reach $562.67 per month. So if you are not crazy about spending an additional $450 every month on your home energy expenses then you will have to depend on the benefits of solar power just to make ends meet.

President Obama is aware of the impact that this is going to have. This is all part of his strategic plan to help give solar power a shot at competing with the bigger and monopolizing oil, coal, and natural gas companies.

That is why you need to keep in mind these 3 benefits of solar power when considering your future home energy needs.

#1 Benefit of Solar Power – They Cannot Regulate Solar Energy

In fact, of all the numerous benefits of solar power the most important one is that solar energy itself can’t be regulated. This is good news because as long as you create your own solar energy at home, the federal government will never be able to tax it.

#2 Benefit of Solar Power – It is Economically Much More Stable Than Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

As I’m sure you know, the costs of non-renewable energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas normally fluctuate based on the law of supply and demand. So if the demand raises, so does the price.

But because solar energy is not a tradable commodity like the other fossil fuels, it doesn’t fall within the same economic laws. That is because solar power is so abundant that the supply will never run dry.

#3 Benefit of Solar Power – It is 1 of the Only True Sources of Energy which are Free

You will never have to pay for solar power. Do not get me wrong, you still have to pay for the material costs associated with collecting the solar power but there is no immediate cost of the sunlight itself. Remember that even the price of the more pricey solar power systems will soon be a excellent deal given the increased cost of energy associated with this new energy tax.

In the end, solar power is the most affordable, economically dependable, and abundant source of power that you can get. Plus you can add all of those lesser yet very valid benefits to the mix. But you always have the option of staying with what you have and forking over an extra $450 each month instead.

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