Biomass | What Is BIOMASS?
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Biomass | What Is BIOMASS?

It a Nutshell, can you tell me the basic idea behind biomass fuels?

BIOMASS….well when things decay they produce methane ..catch the gas and burn it in a process you need…That’s the short version…now for the example …In 1990 the state of New York had a problem of decay..they were overburdened by the huge BIOMASS they called the sanitary landfill…In turn they searched for a way to use this Alkane..(methane)…They came to our company sorry but i cant tell you its name..and we built a capture system that really covered the entire landfill …Producing more than 200k cu ft per acre we had enough gas to run a rather large generator…We designed built and installed this big generator for a test…It worked so well that we had a problem ..we collected more gas than we could use …we just kept adding generators…soon we had 4 generators that produced 1250Hp or 932kw per hour ..they went on-line for about 10 years …24hours a day…that’s enough power to run 100 homes (for one generator) so with 4 we powered 400 homes for 10 years from the BIOMASS..that decay goes on in every sanitary landfill and every swamp and forest and cattle farm and ..well i could go on for and hour…BIOMASS is the most overlooked energy producer in America today..There’s the true story….sorry its not in a nutshell….Have a good one from the E…

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