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Heat Pump | Renovation Tax Credit – Article Dashboard

The tax credit is equal to 20% of the eligible expenses in excess of $7,500. The maximum amount of eligible expenses is $20,000 for a maximum credit of $2,500. CalculatorTo obtain an estimate of the tax credit for home improvement and renovation that you could be entitled to for the 2009 taxation year, use the calculator available on the website of the Ministre des finances.Eligibility    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Heat Pump Question?

I am wondering about heat pumps how they work and the approximate size I need to install in a home 2 floors 1000 sq. ft per floor 2000 total square footage. Has Fantastic insulation and all Andersen thermal pane low E double glazed windows. Finally a place near Chicago where I can get one reasonably priced… Thanks!

Heat pumps heat and cool (usually to parts but can be a package unit) there is a condenser outside and an air handler (the part that has the blower and evaporator coil) inside. In summer the heat pump cools inside by the Freon (refrigerant) in the coils absorbing and removing the heat from the inside house while the blower moves air over the coil & through the ducts in your house. The hot Freon returns to the condenser through the refrigerant lines where it is cooled in the condenser coils and pumped back into the house by the compressor. In the winter the reversing valve switches the flow of Freon and it pulls heat from outside and heats your house with it. I think that in your climate, it is way too cold to work without a back up heater – probally cheaper to go with a gas furnace & straght a/c. The formula to use for tonnage is 500 sqare feet per ton so for a 2,000 sq ft house around 4 tons, but for a two story, you are going to want something with a good zone control (you don’t want to freeze on the 1st floor & boil on the 2nd)What kind of system do you have now?

A heat pump is not good for the Midwest. they are better suited for warmer areas, like Florida. a heat pump has a reversing valve the reverses the flow of freon, so on a chilly day, say 40’s, your air conditioning the outside, literally.

below freezing, good old heating elements kick in, just like an electric furnace.

After you have a heat cool gain/loss analysis done on your home it will probably work out to either a 31/2 or 4 ton single unit for the whole house or a 2 ton for downstairs and a 2 ton for upstairs…a heat pump will not heat your home well if you have a lot of days below 25 degrees…once the temp drops below 32 degrees it will be using electric heating strips to assist it in heating your home….a heat pump is a central air unit with a reversing valve that cools the inside of your home in the summer and cools the outside during the winter..it could cost as much to heat your home with a heat pump as it would with fuel oil or natural gas if you live in the northern 2/3rds of illinois…

Chicago is too cold for a heat pump. In cold outdoor weather, the heat pump cycle becomes too inefficient and you have to rely on the backup electric heating coil in your indoor unit.

With electricity going way up, you’re way better off with a gas furnace.

In warm climate, heat pumps are OK. But not in Chicago.

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Heat Pump | HVAC?…. Heat Pumps.?

We recently bought a foreclosure and, of course, the furnace and AC are missing and need to be replaced. It’s in a rural area in central Mn and gets down to -20F in the winter. We have a choice of propane or electric heat.The hvac guy we had out mentioned that a heat pump with a propane back-up may be the way to go. We’ll have 2 zones, one about 1100 sf and another about 900sf. I’m skeptical that    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Split System Heat Pump Is Acting Strangely?

We have a split system heat pump with the backup heaters in the basement and the heat pump outside of the house. Tonight when I got home from work, it was blowing cool air. But it’s probably in the 40’s outside. The thermostat is set properly and no setting is incorrect on it (no fan turned to the on position, etc.).Then we turned it off and let it stay off for maybe 5-10 minutes. I had the idea    .. more …

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Heat Pump | What Can I Do About My Heat Pump?

I bought a house with a heat pump in it as the only heat source. It has been VERY cold the past month or so. I keep the heat pump set at 68*F. It is rarely capable of keeping the house at this temperature. I have gone through great lenghts to weather proof the house to make sure I’m not losing heat that way. This morning when I woke up at 8AM, it was 19*F outside and 51*F in the house.    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Arizona Heat Pump Sales Begin With Tax Refunds Being Received, Homeowners Getting Ready To Prepare For The Coming …

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) February 18, 2014 Throughout the year American Cooling And Heating will offer a special discounted Heat Pump Installation Program and other incentives to help stretch those dollars for the local Arizona Homeowner. Tax refunds are being received and many are using them for home improvement projects including Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System Replacements and upgrades. The    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Is Our Heat Pump Broken?

This is the second time the breaker has thrown on the outside unit. This time, we noticed same day, so left it on emergency heat for 6 hours, then turned it back on. It hums – louder than normal- but the fan doesn’t spin. There is air at the proper temp from the vents. We’re above freezing, but it was colder the last time this happened and the fan spun immediately. It’s not physically seized,    .. more …

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Heat Pump | What Part Of A Heat Pump Furnace Create 3x The Electricity If It Went Wrong?

Heating bills have triple – what could be wrong? Heat pump replaced recently – what else could be problem?Sounds like the heat pump is not running and it’s using the electric auxillary heat strips.Are you using it thrice the usual amount? Bad thermostat or circuit would explain some things.Could be the plelum valve bearing.Maybe the thermostat has been turned up or broke?Powered by Yahoo Answers    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Smells Almost Like Dry Ice Coming From My Vents During The Winter. I Have A Heat Pump. Any Ideas?

We just had a heat pump installed a couple years ago. For two winters now I’ve notice a smell every now and again. It’s growing increasingly more common lately. It’s almost like dry ice. It’s a very dry, smokey smell but it doesn’t smell like anything’s burning. Just a very dry smell (if that makes sense). Any ideas?To me, dry ice has a smell. My husband says I’m crazy too though so maybe a    .. more …

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Heat Pump | Ductless Systems Provide Lower Electric Heating Bills And Cozier Homes

Portland, Ore (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 With temperatures going down, and heating bills going up, fall is the perfect time to consider new options for home heating that will provide increased comfort and reduced electric heating bills. Ductless heating and cooling systems use 25 to 50 percent less energy while keeping your home at just the right temperature ” and right now, homeowners in    .. more …

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