Electric Car | I Am Considering Buying A Pure Electric Car, But I Have Been Told That They Are Hazardous To The Environment?
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Electric Car | I Am Considering Buying A Pure Electric Car, But I Have Been Told That They Are Hazardous To The Environment?

I want to buy an electric car – a Nissan Leaf – because I want a car with a minimal environmental impact, but I now hear that electric cars have an even greater negative impact on the environment than a petrol V8. Apparently the damage done by mining the Lithium etc used in the batteries, and the disposal of the old batteries is a huge hazard, and the Carbon impact of manufacturing it is much higher than a conventional car – even given the subsequent emissions. The argument is that the electric grid is “dirty”. Should I cancel my order and buy a petrol car instead?

Put yourself in the shoes of a petroleum executive – electric cars are a threat to your business, aren’t they? What would you do? Wouldn’t you happily spread half-truths and disinformation to scare your customers away from them?*That is precisely what is happening. All the the things you have heard are either mostly or entirely untrue, and I can prove everything I say with authoritative sources.*Of course, mining and manufacturing are not environmentally pure things to do – but are electric cars really worse in this regard than gas vehicles? Of course they are not. It’s true that EVs have things (big batteries) that gas cars don’t , but the opposite is also true. EVs don’t have many parts and systems found in conventional cars, like an exhaust system, oil system, coolant, large engine (electric motors are very small), fuel system, etc. All those extra parts and fluids have a carbon and pollution footprint, too, that EVs don’t contribute to. *Bottom line – depending on battery type, the EV may start with a higher factory footprint, but this is easily and quickly offset from the higher energy efficiency from driving and from recycling. The study I link to below shows this.*And old batteries are NOT disposed of in landfills – they are recycled. Auto batteries are currently the most consistently recycled item on earth – something like 95% of auto batteries get recycled. Modern EV lithium batteries also are NOT made from toxic materials. See sources below.*The electric grid is only dirty because of coal – but coal use is declining. It reached a low of just 32% of the grid last year (in the US). You can’t even escape electricity use by buying a petrol car, because large amounts of electricity is used to refine oil into gasoline! See sources below.*At least EVs don’t burn a side of oil with their electricity.

By reading your extra description I suggest that you should just cancel your order. I mean if the batteries of those type of cars die they cannot be recycled and when you use the car in heavy usage the battery life will easily degrade and then you will have to buy a new one. just like the batteries used by our cellphones. and still most of our electricity still uses gas, coal or some other non-renewable source and also nuclear. which is very harmful to our environment so maybe just cancel for now.

also I thank you for an extra enlightenment about electric cars

I havent done too much extensive research on this subject, but your points are definitely valid. I would also like you to realize that depending on where you live and how you get your electricity, “plugging in” might be more harmful to the environment than the fossil fuels you will burn with a conventional gasoline vehicle. If you harvest electricity using solar panels or if you live in an area that acquires electricity through geothermal, wind turbines, or maybe hydroelectric dams, this may not be an issue worthy of contributing to your decision. But if you live in an area where coal, or nuclear energy produces electricity, this might be a factor you need to consider.

There are many aspects to green living that people ignore, and im glad to see that you are trying not to. Best of luck! 🙂

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