Electric Car | What Should Be My Electric Car Research Paper Thesis ?
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Electric Car | What Should Be My Electric Car Research Paper Thesis ?

im writing a paper about electric cars. do you guys have any ideas for a good thesis ?

“Electric Cars” is a very big subject and there are a number of ways to approach a paper on them. First you need to know if the paper is going to be descriptive or a comparison/contrast either of which may be basically informative or will it argue a point of view. This may be informative but its intention is to convince the reader of a point of view. Generally the higher your grade level the more narrow will be the scope of your work and the more details you will need to provide. A 4th grader might write a 1/2 a page on the entire history of electric cars while a college student might write about the influence of electric cars in NYC from 1900 to 1905 relative to horses and carriages. For a descriptive or informative paper you could start with when the electric vehicle was first invented or maybe the invention of some of the required components like the electric motor and continue a history to the present day. Alternatively you could pick a period of time and just work on that area.There are a number of commonly proposed reasons suggested for the decline of early electric cars. Careful research will show some to be not so significant with more esoteric reasons proposed. You could take an entirely different approach and suggest what our present world would be like if the electric car had not lapsed in popularity 100 years ago. This could be very imaginative, supporting a particular perspective and very informative as you use research to make educated guesses. You might take a look at electric cars through a particular lens. How were electric cars marketed 100 years ago and how does that compare to how they are marketed today. Why did they become popular then and does that give us any lessons for marketing them today. Moving from description to more comparison/contrast, you could discuss component systems and the advantages/disadvantages of each. There are three types of generally used electric motors for example. You could go on for quite some time about all the different types of energy supply/storage. Not only are there many different types of battery chemistry but you also have other forms of energy storage like flywheels, ultra capacitors and for supply an electric line like overhead rails, solar cells and fuel cells. A more general comparison/contrast could be the electric vehicle compared to other vehicle types or the different types of electrically operated vehicles. (subways, electric airplanes, hybrid vehicles…)And then there are the argumentative papers. These would try to make a point. Electric cars are better… Electric cars are not as good… Or maybe just “Electric cars are good for these situations…” You might take a more philosophical approach and discuss the current rhetoric about electric cars. You could examine all the various arguments for or against Electric cars to see how they stand up to a test of logic. The subject is vast… almost endless. Another way to start might be to look through a fairly comprehensive website about electric cars. Look at the various topics and this may also give you some inspiration. I have listed several below. I have written a bit about electric cars here. Almost everyone of my answers has some reference to one website or another. If you need any further inspiration, a perspective or source material don’t hesitate to ask.

Did you know that many early automobiles were electric? Write about them. Check out the link below for some sample sites that may give you some ideas about early electric cars.

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