Green Energy | How Big Of A Blow Will The Solyndra Scandal Be To The Green Energy Industry?
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Green Energy | How Big Of A Blow Will The Solyndra Scandal Be To The Green Energy Industry?

What does that mean for the future of the American economy? Thomas Friedman suggests in The World is Hot, Flat and Crowded that green energy may be the only road to reestablishing ourselves as an economic powerhouse.

Not much, green energy is not economicaly sustainable.

I guess even the green industries have their kenny lay , enron , types . ever see that documentary on the EV-1 car ? the oil industry not only killed production of the car , they got GM to recall every last one and had them ground up for scraped . the oil and coal industries DO NOT want to see any lessening of their profits . when carter had solar panels installed on the white house , the FIRST thing reagan did when he took office was to have them removed . the zionist agenda of greed of wall street , corporations , and the bankers , will make a huge deal out of this . i hope the CEO and entire board of this company get LIFE in prison .

Clean energy doesn’t mean clean politics for the Obimbo clique.Science in the WH is done by pseudo-politicians who have no clue what it is all about. Same with economy. The incompetence is only trumped by ignorance.

Probably none.. TO THE REAL GREEN INDUSTRY. This one however was just Obama using our money to payback a big campaign contributor. Crook that he is!

It would appear as thought Thomas L. Friedman is an idiot. People who think ‘green energy’ is going to lead to economic prosperity would appear to be oblivious to reality. Attempts at it have already bankrupted Spain.

If it was an industry that was going to be economically prosperous, it wouldn’t need so much governmental subsidies. Much of this ‘green economy’ is being financed by oil & coal.

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