Green Energy | How Many Jobs Did Obamas Green Energy Policy Create In Seattle At The Cost Of $20 Million Dollars?
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Green Energy | How Many Jobs Did Obamas Green Energy Policy Create In Seattle At The Cost Of $20 Million Dollars?

Obama spent $20 million dollars on Green Energy in Seattle.How many jobs did it make?And since he had to print $20 million dollars to create them how many jobs did he cause to be destroyed?

Apparently you don’t seem to understand that when a grant is awarded, the money isn’t spent instantaneously.The money hasn’t been spent yet.Obama isn’t personally spending anything.Obama doesn’t print money.Your entire premise sounds like it’s based on ignorance…. and if you brought it up because you heard it on Rush’s show, then it’s almost definitely based on misinformation and ignorance.

Green energy’s purpose isn’t to create jobs moron.

14, I listen to Rush too.

Rush is dead wrong, as usual.

How can obama be printing so much money and have so much debt still?

Let’s see–14 jobs, most of them “administrative”, three houses completed, 20 MILLION dollars. Wow! GRRRRRRREAT use of money, huh?20 MILLION taxpayer dollars and THREE housel completed. Defend this abomination.

It is still a work in progress.

The $20 million federal grant runs through 2013 ” more than two years from now. The program aims to provide energy upgrades to more than 2,200 buildings, mostly single-family homes, in downtown, central, and southeast Seattle. The work will create or preserve significant numbers of good, green jobs over the life of the grant.

Seattle’s program is showing great promise. Four hospitals and 19 city buildings are already on the rolls for upgrades. Just four months into the Community Power Works for Home effort more than 350 homeowners have signed up for the program and momentum is building. Major projects scheduled for this fall will employ graduates from the Seattle Vocational Institute and South Seattle Community College.

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