Heat Pump | 1-Ton Heat Pump Delivers Heating, Cooling On 115-Volt Power
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Heat Pump | 1-Ton Heat Pump Delivers Heating, Cooling On 115-Volt Power

TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A 1-ton portable heat pump that can switch automatically between heating and air conditioning is available from Atlas Sales Rentals, Inc. Easy to roll in and use in a wide range of applications, the Model 20ACH1211 heat pump is rated at 11,685 BTU/hr heating capacity and 12,700 BTU/hr cooling capacity and uses standard 115-volt plug-in power.

Manufactured by Oceanaire, Inc., the 1-ton heat pump uses a micro-computer control that can automatically switch from cooling to heating or heating to cooling. A 6-speed evaporator fan is designed to lower fan speed automatically as space temperature reaches set point. This economical unit provides portable year-round performance, eliminating the need to use different types of equipment to fill seasonal heating and air conditioning requirements.

Safe as well as convenient, the air-cooled heat pump supplies mechanical heat, eliminating the fire hazards associated with electric strip heaters. Also, the Atlas unit will function in the heating mode at

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