Heat Pump | What Can I Do About My Heat Pump?
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Heat Pump | What Can I Do About My Heat Pump?

I bought a house with a heat pump in it as the only heat source. It has been VERY cold the past month or so. I keep the heat pump set at 68*F. It is rarely capable of keeping the house at this temperature. I have gone through great lenghts to weather proof the house to make sure I’m not losing heat that way. This morning when I woke up at 8AM, it was 19*F outside and 51*F in the house. Again, the pump was set to 68*F. When I went to bed, the temp outside was the high 20’s, low 30’s and it was 59*F in the house. It is just about always on and yet it cant keep the house warm enough. The air feels cold out of one vent then luke warm at best out of the others. The master bedroom is typically warmer but I attribute that to the fact that its about 2800 cu ft with an attic and insulation above it but the living room has 18ft high vaulted ceiling with no attic above it. Even space heaters in this room work very little because the heat just goes directly from the space heater into the massive expanse that is my living room/dining room/kitchen. I’ve read that heat pumps are not very good under 40*F, what options do I have to keep my house warm without the major expense of replacing the entire system?

Heat pumps are efficient and work well until the temperature drops below about 32 F (0 C). If you cannot achieve 68 F when the temperature outside is about 35 F, then the heat pump is either not working properly or undersized. I would check the level of refrigerant (Freon or the newer chloro fluorocarbon free ones as your unit requires) as this may resolve the matter.On most systems, electric resistance heating kicks in when the temperature is below 32 F to help warm things. Perhaps these heating elements are faulty or turned off or have a fuse blown. I suggest you check this out.Heat pumps do not produce air that is anywhere near as warm as is produced with a gas furnace, so it will feel cool when properly working.I believe a little service to your unit is in order as outlined above.

On your thermostat it should have an emergency heat or total heat switch.It could say electric heat too.

You need to flip this switch over to one of these so the furnace will work not the heat pump.

Heat pumps are efficient to around freezing outside or so then they cannot make enough warm air to heat your home.

This is where you are now going to use total electric heat to heat your home and this is the only way to get your house warm when it is cold outside.

Get Warm hope this helps

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