Photovoltaic | Difference Between Photovoltaic And Solar Energy?
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Photovoltaic | Difference Between Photovoltaic And Solar Energy?

what is the difference between them both? Or are they the same? and what is solar thermal energy? its all really confusing! can someone explain what they are?Thanks in advance!

Photovoltaic is one form of solar energy utilization. But not the sole manner of producing energy.Passive solar energy uses simply the heat energy from sunlight to heat a space, heat water, etc. with no external power inputs. It is broadly used terminology but has one point in common- the primary energy input is from sunlight. Whether it is used to heat water, to heat air to heat a house, or to create electricity, the common factor all is just the power of sunlight.To look at a good long list of projects, and general and specific information, check out

Photovoltaic energy is a form of solar energy that uses light to produce EMF in metals like selenium. Other schemes for utilizing solar energy include using acres of curved mirrors to focus sunlight on a boiler, generating steam to spin turbines. Seems to me we’d have to put such installations well out of the flight path of commercial airlines, though.

All photovoltaic panels are solar panels, but not all solar panels are photovoltaic.

Photovoltaics use the photovoltaic effect to turn sunlight directly into electricity.

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