Photovoltaic | Lighting Your Deck For Barbecues
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Photovoltaic | Lighting Your Deck For Barbecues

What is more synonymous with decks and patios than a barbecue? Setting up your deck or patio with the perfect outdoor space starts with a good barbecue grill and ends with a good time. But without the right lighting fixtures your barbecue party is only going to last until the sun sets. Use these tips and techniques for lighting your deck and you’ll be sure you can keep the barbecue going well into the night. Here are your options:

Solar Powered

Many people opt out for solar powered deck lights for their barbecue area. When the sun shines onto the photovoltaic panel, it creates energy that is stored in a battery. Once the sun sets, a sensor turns on the power to the light and the system will run until the battery is drained. If you’re looking for quick and painless deck lighting installation, then look no further than solar lighting. While solar lighting can be installed with little more than a screw gun, its level of light can be limited in brightness.

Low Voltage

When power is needed to get the job done, a low voltage lighting fixture can be just the thing for your outdoor barbecue area. A low voltage lighting system uses a small outdoor power line to feed low voltage lighting. A transformer at the power source steps down the power to 12 or 8 volts. This will prevent any dangerous power to come down the line and ruin the system or give you a shock. Easy to install underground or under deck, a low voltage system works great for barbecue areas.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are connected to the homes main power supply and are typically installed on an exterior wall of the home but can be placed just about anywhere. Flood lights can be installed with a motion detector switch so that when your hands are full of barbecue goodies, you’ll be able to see without having to flip a switch. When installing a flood light system for your barbecue grill area, be sure to keep the light fixture at least eight feet off of the ground to prevent the bulb from shinning directly in the eyes. Positioning the light over the top of the grill area will help prevent casting shadows on the grill. Multiple flood lights can keep shadows to a minimum and help keep your barbecue area well lit throughout the evening’s festivities.

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