Photovoltaic | The Significance Of Clean Energy To Property Owners
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Photovoltaic | The Significance Of Clean Energy To Property Owners

Previously, many of us have thought that solar energy applications for residences and apartment buildings were only for producing solar electricity. Now, more people are becoming cognizant of its other uses, such as water heating. Moreover, even national governments have realized the social and economic benefits for their country, if more and more consumers started implementing clean energy solutions. This is why irresistible economic rewards were made available for people who use solar heating systems and photovoltaic panels in their residential properties and commercial office buildings.

These days, the average landlord or homeowner can receive federal, state, and local tax incentives. They can also enjoy accelerated depreciation. This means that they won’t have to wait for several years in order to reap the economic benefits of using solar electricity and solar hot water systems. As a matter of fact, most property owners are able to get a payback on their capital investment in as little as two years, with most property owners seeing a full return in 5 years.

But it is important to keep in mind that the latest clean energy technologies, like wind energy and solar electricity are still not capable of supplying the total electricity required by the property owner. Efficacy of solar cells, their heat collection, and conversion rates, still need to be improved. For example, a common photovoltaic panel will lose efficacy when temperatures go over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, some of the solar technologies, like the amorphous panels, can just convert 7 % of the radiation they receive from the sun. And with

wind power, at least a 10 mph wind is required for electricity to be produced.

The use of clean energy through ‘net metering’ can also present the property owners the chance to bring in extra money or credit by feeding their surplus stock of electricity into the public power system. For example, a landlord installs a couple of small-sized wind turbines on the roof of his property, and due to a handful of days of great wind conditions, he generates more electric power than his residents need. The building owner can then send into the power grid, his excess or unused energy for this period. And in return, the property owner will be given credit or even a check by their local utility company.

Hence, with clean energy there are several ways that property owners can use clean energy or green energy to have extra income. It might take some effort and initial investment on the solar equipment and installation, however, the payback period is going to be quite short; and the benefits to the environment are substantial.

About the Author:

By: Craig Axelrod

Craig Axelrod is VP of Business Development for Emmy Energy, a NY solar power company offering solar heating tube systems & solar panels throughout the North East.

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