Alternative Energy | Global Warming & Hybrid Cars – Article Dashboard
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Alternative Energy | Global Warming & Hybrid Cars – Article Dashboard

Hybrids innovative technology is an alternative energy solution which helps to reduce the risk of global warming.It is clear that excessive gas consumption causes problems to the environment. A gallon of gasoline weighs approximately six pounds, and when burned the carbon inside the gas combines with oxygen from the air to produce nearly twenty pounds of carbon dioxide. When a hybrid car is used instead of a car that devours gas to the extreme, the earth can be spared a lot of unnecessary greenhouse gas.

Hybrid cars reduce fuel emissions because the hybrid engine uses the battery and not gasoline when accelerating. Also hybrid motors shut off when the car is stopped and run off their electricity. Hybrid cars use an electric motor which assists the cars gasoline engine. The help of the motor lets the gasoline engine work less, which improves fuel economy and lowers emissions of pollution going into the air. Hybrid cars reduce smog by ninety percent and use far less gas than conventional cars do. Hybrid cars can clearly contribute to the prevention of global warming because they reduce gas consumption and limit gas emissions. These ways reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which holds back the effects of global warming. While they may not be the complete answer to the problems that the world faces in terms of the climate changes and global warming, they are more than a small contribution, and if the majority of people chose them as an option, it would make a big difference to the problems we are facing.

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