Green Energy | Solar Power, Solar Energy, Green DIY Energy – What Do I Choose?
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Green Energy | Solar Power, Solar Energy, Green DIY Energy – What Do I Choose?

The reality is that solar power, solar energy and green diy energy are basically referring to the same thing, so don’t let that confuse, and stop you from moving forward. They each refer to man’s ability to harness power from the sun and to store it for use as desired. The old case of countless names for pretty much the same thing.


– It does work
– It saves money and energy
– It can be fun
– And you know you are helping the planet by doing something toward “going green”.

But can I do it?

For the individual to do so use to be so expensive, and complicated, that most would stop before they even got started. Not that the individuals were at fault, and they definitely had the right idea, but it was just “too much”, and the costs involved really made those interested question the viability of doing so and any savings that might be realized.

With technological advances and stiff solar materials competition these days, it has brought down prices considerably, and has made it a necessity to produce manuals and videos that walk interested parties through the entire construction process from beginning to end.

Never has it all been simpler, and more affordable, than today! What about involving other family members in this?

These days the building and installation of solar panels has also become quality family time for many. This can be a very bonding experience for, say, a father to interact with their son, or children. Don’t just take over the projects but let your children have an active part also. This can significantly potentially bolster their personal self confidence, making them more willing to tackle challenges that will surely arise in their futures.

In fact, with the current move toward green technologies, several groups of high school and college students are working on diy solar power projects right now. Many of these folks will continue in the industry and may become the “movers and shakers” in the industry.

If they can do it I’m confident that you can too!

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