Renewable Energy | How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient – Article Dashboard
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Renewable Energy | How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient – Article Dashboard

Not only does being green decrease your carbon footprint, protecting the planet for future generations, but it also decreases your utility bills each month, as you will consume less gas and electricity in an efficient home. You will not even feel like you are using less energy, though habits like keeping lights off in unoccupied rooms are good for your wallet and the planet as well.

Here are several ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home, giving it structural and stylistic updates while also ensuring that you protect the planet and lower your monthly energy costs

Be sure that your home is properly insulated. Use caulking to close up drafts and air leaks under doors, along windows, and in your attic so that your comfortable indoor air does not seep outward and so that unpleasant conditions outside do not seep inside. Also, weatherstrip your attic, basement, and garage so that no portion of your home swells with extreme heat in the summer or becomes frigid during the dangerously cold winter.

Replace your old home appliances with Energy Star-approved appliances. Everything from your kitchen and bathroom appliances to your water heater can be improved. Every time you can afford it, invest in replacement appliances, so that you can start seeing your utility costs plummet. Even your air conditioning and heating units can save you money if you update to newer, more efficient models!

Make the switch to efficient fluorescent lightbulbs. They may be more expensive than the average incandescent lightbulb, but fluorescent bulbs last much longer and consume less energy. It is fast and inexpensive to make this important exchange, and you will notice immediate savings.

One of the most important upgrades you can make for increased efficiency is replacing your old windows with more efficient ones, like EcoView windows. These windows are designed to filter sunlight for decreased heating and are sealed for better insulation, keeping your comfortable indoor air tightly held indoors where it belongs. Up to 33% of a home’s energy loss occurs with old windows and doors. Switching to more efficient products will save you big money while also severely decreasing your environmental impact.

Last but not least, consider installing solar panels in your home! Solar panels gather the sun’s natural and completely renewable energy, converting it into usable electricity for your home. While this is an initially pricey investment, it can also lower your energy costs and decrease your reliance on a third-party electricity provider.

There are numerous ways to increase your home’s green potential. These improvements can even be tax deductible! With so many reasons to invest in a more efficient home, there is no reason not to start looking into affordable improvements like installing stylish and practical EcoView windows. The world will thank you, and when you see your utility bills, you will thank yourself too.

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By: Jordan Rocksmith

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