Sustainable Energy | Do It Yourself Wind Turbines
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Sustainable Energy | Do It Yourself Wind Turbines

If you look closely nowadays, more and more people are beginning to consider the benefits of investing in do it yourself wind turbines. The major cause behind this sudden rise of interest is that many of the countries around the world are becoming more aware about the shortage of availability of fossil fuel, which is our primary source of energy. The inevitable rise of energy costs has forced us to find other means of acquiring energy. The responsible use of our natural resources, such as the wind, sun, and the power of the ocean and rivers, for sustainable energy is among the basic steps in attaining a clean and suitable environment for future generations.

The notion of the sun and the air as the two most basic solutions to our energy troubles is not new to most of us. We know that the sun, the wind, and the ocean and rivers can produce adequate energy to power the whole world; the problem is how to harness that power efficiently. What makes this aspect of nature the most crucial source of energy is the fact that these elements are basically all around the world. To construct a DIY wind turbine in any home, one would require at least three blades, a mounting system, a control panel, a generator, batteries, and, of course, a tower.

When building your very own wind turbine, you will have to create electricity through the means of generator or alternator. Many engineers suggest going for a low RPM motor that can produce around twelve volts of electricity in 200 to 300 revolutions per minute when choosing the appropriate model. The blades that you will be needing in this type of project are constructed from plastic or metal pipes cut in half or half pipes, or even fashioned from iron barrels. You will need to cut the blades in an appropriate shape from the barrels or pipes and attach them symmetrically along the front section of the motor.

When this phase of the project is done, you will need a wide thin metal made object to mount on the structure which faces towards the direction where the most air stream is present. This is quite essential in creating a successful wind turbine.

When constructing the tower, you will usually need it to be at least forty feet tall, just to clear it from obstacles such as tall or buildings. The height of the tower is crucial in catching the required wind speed to feed the generator, which has been designed to meet your home’s power needs. In addition, you will also have to make sure you put up the tower in a way that the motor can be easily placed right on top of the structure. Once you have successfully stuck the tower into its foundation and have carefully attached the engine on top, you can now utilize the batteries for electricity storage. With this, you will have successfully built your first do it yourself wind turbines.

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