Sustainable Energy | Free Sustainable Energy Secret Released!
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Sustainable Energy | Free Sustainable Energy Secret Released!

Here are some energy saving methods which I have researched and will save you a tonne of money!

We are constantly being reminded to use green energy, so we can save the planet for our sodding grandchildren. But the initial costs involved in using sustainable energy are very high, especially in a recession. So I have researched some alternative energy systems, which are surprising.

We have all heard of solar panels I even installed solar panels to the roof of my house, which are great they save me a decent amount of money off my gas bill, I chose the hot water solar panels as opposed to the electricity generating solar panels, this is because they are a lot cheaper. Unfortunately right after I had my hot water solar panels installed, my sister informed me of a DIY solar panel eBook which tells you where you can buy the materials and how to make them in easy steps, which in total would cost barely anything considering the amount of money you would save.

Next I found a DIY generator which uses magnets to generate electricity. Now have you ever heard of that before? The website states that the information which they give can save up to 50% of your electricity bill. It also argues that we haven’t heard of the green magnetic generator because it has been suppressed by large corporations to prevent power stations going out of business, causing the world to change forever! I know it sounds like a dull James Bond movie. But through all of the bravado, is there really a sustainable renewable energy source? I checked out the reviews, they all clearly say how easy it is to make, how much money they saved and all the materials needed cost less than $100.

It’s definitely worth a look, check out their website and see if they can save you money. And probably have a laugh whilst making these alternative sustainable energy sources.

Thanks for reading

William Tribe

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