Sustainable Energy | Future Energy Solutions Are Renewable And Sustainable
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Sustainable Energy | Future Energy Solutions Are Renewable And Sustainable

Also, the sun releases one thousand watts of energy per square meter. This energy is exactly the same all over the globe which is available to all of us and is a renewable supply on an ongoing basis.At the current time the problem with using solar energy on a high yield level required to supply large areas, is that at this point in time, the technology simply does not exist to adequately harness all of the solar energy and process it productively.

Technology is being developed to manufacture solar panels capable of processing more of the energy that is passed through them. We are hoping that in the foreseeable future we will be able to rely more and more on sunlight as a sustainable form of energy that will help role back (or possibly eliminate) the need for burning fossil fuels.There is however, a growing number of people that are converting their individual houses to utilize solar energy.

Infrastructure on a massive scale may not exist to power entire municipalities and cities but individually people are able to harness and successfully use this energy for their family’s needs. It is in this direction that the world is moving – clean, renewable and sustainable energy. So effective is this form of energy production that the herdsmen of Mongolia, who, because of the far-reaching expanse of its steppes are isolated by vast distances from the power grid and therefore rely upon energy from the sun to supply their electrical needs. They are now capable of bridging the great divide in technology that physical distance has kept them from in the past and are able today to use cell phones while riding their horses.

Another form of energy that is capable of being renewable and sustainable is nuclear energy. Nevertheless, there are numerous concerns over this type of power source and the dangers that can arise if not handled correctly. Beside the fact that contamination and melt downs are an ever-present reality, nuclear power is a danger because of its wastes which can’t be contained or destroyed. In fact the byproducts from nuclear waste take millions of years to break down, which translates to the fact that they can never be freely dispersed into the ecosystem turning storage into a nightmare.

There is only a finite amount of space and the nuclear waste is filling up fast. While nuclear power fulfills an immediate need for us, we never know the aftermath or the long term consequences our children and grandchildren will inherit. So, while this energy source is one that will be capable of running large amounts of energy for many years to come, it has some troubling drawbacks that must be taken into consideration if it is going to be used on a massive scale in the future.

For the current moment, scientists continue to look for ways to implement renewable, sustainable forms of energy that can take us well into the future without harming the environment. The sense of urgent need has been stepped up as the concern over the environment has been been brought to the forefront on the national stage where power supply companies are exploring the use of solar, wind, and hydro power where they can.

Unfortunately for the time being, we have to continue to rely on fossil fuel energy until a truly workable solution presents itself. What we can do right now is reduce our drawing on these natural resources in order to preserve them for a longer period of time.

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