Sustainable Energy | Sustainable Energy..?
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Sustainable Energy | Sustainable Energy..?

Can someone explain me what this means

The question, kinda answers it’s self. Some energy source, that is renewable at a faster rate than consumed. An energy source,that doesn’t pollute the environment from it’s production or from it’s use. An energy source that’s output can we immediately varied to suit demand, and be portable for mobile transportation.The biggest thing is, it has to be economical,then second, safe and easy to use. Right now,there may be many possibilities,that depends,attitude of users, manufactures,and the biggest hurdle,the politics of money.

The words are self explaining. Power plants are not sustainable, they need fuel, (oil, coal, or nuclear) to operate, and must continually be replenished.

Sustainable energy would be solar power, wind power, wave action etc. Location would come into play to use any sustainable energy source.

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