What Is Energy | Increase Your Energy
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What Is Energy | Increase Your Energy

All these take energy from your body and mind.

As a result of this drop in energy, your motivation, enthusiasm and enjoyment of life can suffer.

This drop in energy also leads to poor health as the function of your body declines. You have more aches and pains, more flu’s and colds, and many other symptoms starting to occur.

As you age this can accelerate even faster.

All this just from your energy and energy stores decreasing.

But what is ‘energy’ and how can you increase it?

You have what is called ‘external’ and ‘internal’ energy. Both are very important, but your internal energy is the most important of all.

External energy is your outward energy. The ability to run around, get all your work done, to play sport and other physical activities.

External energy also drives your body and its’ organs to work and affects a few mental functions also.

External energy has a limited capacity. You can’t run a hundred meters in three second or a marathon in half an hour. Your external energy does have limitations.

You external energy should be high though. You are able to increase it through being fit, eating well and generally being healthy. Your external energy will be better as a result.

What is Internal Energy?

Internal energy is your mind and its’ ability to tell your body to work. The enthusiasm, motivation and drive that stimulates your external energy. If the internal energy is high, you want to go for a walk, you feel good at the end of the day, even after work has been hectic. You laugh more and generally enjoy life.

If your internal energy is low, then you may run out of external energy also. The internal energy helps your body and mind to recharge. Without it your body will ‘burn out’, you can not survive on external energy alone.

Internal energy is the key.

How can you increase it and prevent it from becoming low?

You need to do three things:

Stop or limit the activities that drain it
Stimulate the internal energy to increase
Have protection to keep it increasing

The activity that drains your internal energy most is stress. No big brain wave, but you need to reduce stress. Impossible you may say and you are right.

You can’t reduce or remove stress. You have to work and live. You can reduce the effects of stress. Learn stress reduction methods that stop stress reducing the internal energy.

You need to stimulate your internal energy. This is achieved by being happy, being healthy and activating your mind to release and stimulate energy. This is simple to achieve if you know what to do.

You need to protect the internal system and the energy it creates. You need to do regular activities to keep your energy high and stresses low. Use techniques that take minimal time to do, as in minutes each day not hours. Learn to meditate, laugh more, and use natural techniques to increase energy, improve health and raise your longevity.

Fatigue and tiredness can be removed, you can do it. It doesn’t require effort or hard work, just a small amount of time and the right techniques. Fatigue and tiredness can be a thing of your past.

If you want a life where you can see your children have children, you need to address your energy levels now. Don’t wait until physical ill health occurs. Energy of both forms can be increased.

Go for a walk, learn to meditate, use techniques to create energy and good health such as Acupressure, Reiki, Mudra and others. All are self-help techniques designed so you can use them on yourself and family. Learn them so you see your health practitioner to check you are healthy and not unwell.

Health is a right not a privilege. It is the right of your children to see their parents live long, happy and healthy lives. A right for your grandchildren to bounce on your knee, to kick a ball around with you and have you around to see them have children also.

Energy and stress are the two key elements to be healthy. Remove stress and increase energy. Pure and simple for yourself and your children.

Dr Graeme Teague is an expert on stress and the affects it has on health. His unique and fresh views on anxiety, depression and stress are a welcome change. His web site Fast Stress Relief.com is designed to give you all the information and facts on how and why stress affects you, and more importantly simple, proven and natural ways to eliminate anxiety, depression and stress.

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By: Dr Graeme Teague

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