Wind Energy | How A Power Wind Turbine Will Give You An Alternative Source For …
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Wind Energy | How A Power Wind Turbine Will Give You An Alternative Source For …

A power wind turbine is designed to derive electricity from wind energy. These come in different designs and are made to rotate on either a horizontal or a vertical axis. Turbines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy have been around for many years. Modern wind turbines are designed so that they have a three-blade structure, which is adjusted by motors to face the direction of the wind.

The way the turbines work is that blades of the turbine are made to capture the kinetic energy of the wind and start rotating. This energy is then transferred to a connecting rotor and a generator that helps to convert it into electricity.

The components of a turbine comprise of rotor blades, shaft and a generator. Winds travelling at a particular speed help spin the blades, transferring their energy in the process. A minimum speed of 8 miles per hour is required to operate a wind turbine; the ideal range of speed to generate maximum output of energy varies from 25 to 55 miles per hours. These turbines are also susceptible to mechanical damage if the wind speeds exceeds 55 miles per hour.

The applications of power wind turbines include utility scale and small wind turbines. The first are used in wind farms, at a larger scale and used to power grids. This electricity is then distributed to customers and other power plants. The second type is used to power small or remote locations and usually require an existing electricity grid to meet the power needs.

The main advantage of power wind turbines is that it generates a clean source of energy without releasing any harmful pollutants in the atmosphere and does not use up any valuable resources from the earth. Once the turbine has been erected, there are no further costs involved and with the incentives the Government is offering, this cheap source of energy can be used to power single homes or even small businesses.

Individual may opt for this clean source of energy in comparison to noisy generators that use values recourses like natural oil. Wind energy is also a reliable source of energy and is not subject to rising costs every year. This is the least expensive source of renewable energy and can be designed to generate high-energy outputs.

The main drawback is that although this technology is now widely being used in industrial and home electricity production, it still produces only a fraction of the required electricity. The use of alternative energy like wind and solar power is fast catching on and it is predicted that in the coming years, this clean source of energy will be enough to meet a large fraction of the world’s energy needs.

Statistics reveal that use of wind turbines has increased tremendously over the past few years. Countries like United States, France, Germany, Spain, India, China and other countries have realized the value of this environmentally friendly source of energy and are making efforts to increase this energy production year after year.

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