Wind Energy | How Can I Generate Electricity For My Home By Using Wind Energy?
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Wind Energy | How Can I Generate Electricity For My Home By Using Wind Energy?

How can I generate electricity for my home by using wind energy?Please give me all necessary details, how to construct or design wind turbine, how much amount of electricity I will need and how to do it all this process, I have studied Physics but I don’t know how to do this technically to produce electrical energy for my home.

First, a quick check with your local building department will tell you whether it’s forbidden, and if not, whether there’s even a chance they will issue you a building permit for it. Check with your neighbors, since if they object, you’re unlikely to get a permit. Unless you’re a certified professional engineer with lots of time on your hands to do the research, hire a professional to evaluate your site and advise you on options. You need steady, strong winds much of the time.Since

wind is intermittent, you need either a grid connection or lots of (expensive) storage.In my opinion, this is not a practical technology for home deployment.

There are companies that can do this for you, but you must make sure ahead of time that either you live in the county or your city doesn’t prohibit windmills. Then you need a permit to construct one, and it has to be inspected to make sure it’s not a risk to the neighbors.

A wind turbine will not make a significant dent in your electric bill unless you live in a place where the wind blows pretty hard most of the time. Even in a very windy location, it may take 10 years for to generate enough power to pay for the initial cost. Windmills are designed to produce maximum power at a particular wind speed; at half that speed, they produce only one eighth as much power.

Here’s a link for some commercially available windmills. If you build your own, it will probably be much less efficient. In most cases, the price tag does not include a tower or installation.

Check your electric bill to see how many kilowatt hours you use during your windy season. Divide by the number of hours in the billing period to get the average power consumption.

Before deciding on a windmill, you should compare against other options. In urban communities with lots of sunshine, solar is best. Gasification is a much more attractive option for areas that don’t get much wind or sunshine. However, the gas turbines that go with them tend to be pretty noisy, so they are not suitable for crowded urban communities.

You have several problems of which the cost would be the greatest. The wind doesn’t always blow so you’ll need batteries and a converter to AC. Then there’s high winds that can tear down your windmill, lightning strikes, annoyed neighbors, city ordinances, house insurance premiums and did I mention the really, really high cost.

Go to the Northern Tool Company. I believe their website is the same. They sell this sort of thing. You have to have the wind blades, a mast, supply your own concrete foundations, a PTO power generator, the storage batteries, converters, regulators, wire, power transfer switches. You’re talking about 35 to 50k, easily.

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