Wind Energy | Residential Wind Turbines Are Eco-Friendly
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Wind Energy | Residential Wind Turbines Are Eco-Friendly

If you are a homeowner interested in alternative forms of energy have a few options available. Of these options, solar panels and residential wind turbines are the most prominently available and useful ones. There are other forms of clean energy, such as geothermal power and hydroelectric power, but these forms of power generation are highly location specific. To use geothermal power, you must be positioned near a thermal vent from the earth’s depths. To use hydroelectric power you must have a plot of land with both running water and an elevation change great enough to allow the water to perform work for you.

Wind and sunlight on the other hand, are prevalent across the globe. Certainly there is an uneven distribution, with more wind occurring on the coastal areas, and more sunlight reaching the tropics, but the fact is that there is some amount of air movement and sunlight nearly anywhere you go on earth. That is what makes residential wind turbines an excellent idea for home power, they can be used nearly anywhere.

Scaling is something of a specialty of wind power, to a point. You can get a rooftop unit that is capable of putting out less than a kilowatt on the one end. On the opposite end there are off shore turbines that have a generational capacity of more than 5 megawatts. The versatility is part of the appeal. While not everywhere has stiff enough breezes to even make a 5 megawatt turbine budge, you can rest assured that every roof will see enough air movement to make a small scale rooftop unit worthwhile.

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