Wind Energy | What Are Some Examples Of Wind Energy?
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Wind Energy | What Are Some Examples Of Wind Energy?

Also what are the pros and cons of wind energy?

Wind farms are the best example of wind energy. These are farms where 20 or more turbines are erected to catch the wind, turn an electric motor, and create electricity. (See the 1st link below.)The greatest PRO is that the cost of wind produced energy is LOWER than electrical energy produced by diesel or oil. It is comparable with the cost of electricity produced by natural gas; but more expensive than electricity produced from nuclear fuel. Other “pro” wind issues are that it is non-polluting, takes up very little ground space, and is quiet.The greatest “CON” is that wind blows intermittently–that is it isn’t always available, and we want electricity to be always available. The other issue is that the wind blows best off shore, and in the Great Plains of the US, but the energy is used where the people live. This means that building the needed transmission lines from where the wind blows to where it is needed is costly. To resolve that problem, wind farms are now only built where there is excess capacity on the existing electric grid, but soon there won’t be enough places to build new wind farms. The only other “con” is that you can see wind turbines; where most other means of producing electricity is contained in a small area.

If you mean generating wind energy. you use wind turbines

PROS: Its a Renewable source of energy (if wont run out)

CONS: Its expensive, its noisy, the wind isnt always blowing, visual polloution

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