Wind Energy | What Kind Of Degree Should I Get To Become A Wind Energy Researcher?
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Wind Energy | What Kind Of Degree Should I Get To Become A Wind Energy Researcher?

I want to major in a field that will pretty much guarantee me a research and development job in wind energy. I am not interested in any other forms of alternative energy, so a general renewable energy bachelor’s won’t do. Any help?

But you will still have to include renewable energy in your searches because it is part of the whole gamut of a still wider and unfolding field … and so you will have to include in your searches solar energy and natural resources as well because, after all, the whole purpose of harnessing

wind energy is to produce electricity and to support engineering involved in designing and manufacturing wind-availing technologies. Look to those schools located in the Mid-west and west coast — where the greatest wind forces are located — Kansas, Oklahoma, for example, and California — and find what degree programs they are founding and that are underway.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Masters or Dr is even better

I am a recently graduated engineer and am doing wind turbine research with cfd (computational fluid dynamics) software.

The degree wont guarantee anything (the world doesn’t work like that). But it will give you an excellent understanding for all aspects of wind power. A BS in mechanical engineering is a well respected degree nationwide(renewable energy is currently not).

I went to Boise State University, but any Abet accredited university will teach you well.

Best of luck to you!

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